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"Having struggled with significant  mental illness in my own life, I have seen how much room we have to grow as a community in the resources we provide, and the ways we include youth in the conversation surrounding mental health"


-Founder, Carly McGovern

Our Mission...


Once a mere fantasy of one Southwest Florida teen, The Fort Myers Progress Panel was founded with the goal of providing a space for students to lead and participate in informed conversations on today’s hard-to-tackle topics. It is our priority that every student and citizen feels confident in their role as members of both the local and global community. We are an advocacy group created by students for students.


Currently, our work is concentrated in our social media advocacy as well as our annual event, Normal is Overrated where students and community leaders gather to share their stories and learn about the resources available in our area. You will also find our students at work in many other community projects with our partners at Healthy Lee and Kids Minds Matter such as Mental Health Modays.

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